Yordanos Hailemichael


Name: Yordanos Hailemichael

Education: Degree in Nursing

Company name: Ziptole Restaurant

Title: Manager

Founded in: 2020


What it does: Serves Mexican American dishes

HQ: Addis Ababa

Number of employees: 18

STARTUP CAPITAL: 2 million birr


Reasons for starting the business: Life experience

Biggest perk of ownership: Being hard and sturdy in every situation

Biggest strength: Not giving up

Biggest challenging: Lack of exposure and community awareness to try new things

Plan: Making it a famous brand

First career: Nurse

Most interested in meeting: Ermias Amelga

Most admired person: My sister’s friend

Stress reducer: Watching movies

Favorite past time: Time with family

Favorite book: Oromay by Bealu Girma

Favorite destination: The Maldives

Favorite automobile: Toyota Pick-up Revo