AAU opens library donated by MIDROC

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

MIDROC Technology Group has transferred a new library building to Addis Ababa University dedicated for the Institute of Ethiopian Studies on July 11, 2019.
The imputes building the library came about when Prof. Andreas Eshete, who at the time was president of AAU, honored Sheik Mohammed Ali Al Amoudi with an honorary degree for his contribution to Ethiopia’s development.
CEO of MIDROC and president of Unity University Arega Yirdaw (PhD) handed over the key to the President of AAU Professor Tassew WoldeHana in the presence of dignitaries, communities of AAU and senior staff of MIDROC Technology Group.
“Sheik Mohammed believes that education is the key sector to transcend the county to development and civilization and this building is part of that strong firm,” said Arega Yirdaw.

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

The new building has two stories that rest on 6,240sqm. It holds a modern auditorium with 250 seats, four reading rooms an office and well-designed manuscript rooms, elevators and cooling systems.
MIDROC companies like MEPA Contracting and Management, Modern Building Industry, Wanza Furnishing Industry and Vision Aluminum participated in the library’s construction process. The library’s 116 million birr cost includes the furnishing.
The library was named after Sheik Mohammed Hussein Ali al Amoudi by the university management to recognize his contribution.
Arega, said the Sheik had demonstrated an exemplary and model contribution to the country adding that AAU is discharging its historic responsibilities to commemorate such personalities.
“The library is pertinent to understanding, Ethiopian languages, culture, history and is able to contribute to the country’s development as Ethiopia has a long history,” said Hirut W.Mariyam Minister of Higher Education and Science.
The research oriented Institute of Ethiopian Studies came into being in 1963 to discover civilization, history, culture and languages of Ethiopia and to provide documents, publications and manuscripts.