ADP, TPLF fight will create chaos: Politicians


Statements from the executive bodies of the Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) and Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) clearly shows they are not interested in working together like they did for the past 27 years.
Like rivals both insulted, criticized and undermined each other in statements that brought about negative responses from many academicians and political groups.
TPLF’s statement heavily criticizing ADP said the party failed to secure regional peace and security. It went on to say that they hosted parasite groups working to destabilize the nation.
The statement listed seven points asking EPRDF to allow independent investigators to look into the groups behind the assassination of the late Commander in Chief of the army General Seare Mekonen and his friend.
The statement also asked ADP to apologize to the Ethiopian people for creating a lax security environment which failed to protect the ADP leaders, Ambachew Mekonen and Ezez Wasse, and Migbaru Kebede.
TPLF also asked EPRDF what the schedule and plan is for next year election.
TPLF slammed EPRDF for failing the nation’s security.
“Working with the groups who are devoted to federalism is the number one priority of the party and the party will fully collaborate in bringing peace,’’ the TPLF statement reads.
TPLF also said that the Sidama people’s request for the establishment of their own state should be handled rightly in accordance with the constitution.
ADP responded strongly to the TPLF statement saying “TPLF is the one who caused the country to have a nasty political situation.”
“TPLF is the one that bit the country and put us in trouble and it is the one who barked as if it was pure behind every problem. If the party was standing for justice it would have extradited the criminals who hide in Tigray, who are alleged of committing crimes against the Ethiopian people. But instead it is collaborating with the groups who are working to disturb the county and the region,” reads the ADP statement.
Professor Merera Gudina leader of the Oromo Federalist Congress told Capital that both parties bitter rivalry is the result of different views of reform and old hidden attitude not cooperating to work toward common goals.
“It is not surprising. Because it was in their mind and what happens now. They both rule the nation and should bring a solution before undermining each other not give us bread instead it will get us into trouble. EPRDF as a party should bring other parties who work for good democracy and must make a national consensus to give a better light to our country.”
Benyam G/Hanna, a political science graduate from Addis Ababa University says the dispute between ADP and TPLF is the result of conspiracy theories in the EPRDF house.
“We don’t know the real game in the country, there are games being played in the ruling party which are filled by a hidden agenda and this has cost us lives. One group is trying to hold the full power and public acceptance by making conspiracies and if the party does not come with a genuine agreement our country will be submerged into great chaos and disorder.’’
Professor Beyene Petros, Ethiopia Social-Democratic Party (ESDP) Chairman sees both party statements as childish. They do not address the country’s real problems.
“If there is a problem among parties they must sit and come with a solution but they are not doing that. Instead, they are giving statements which undermine the Ethiopian people. What is needed is a solution, what we need is someone who to give us hope and stopping us from getting in trouble,’’ he said.
Kinfemicheal Debebe (Abebe Kesto) who was member of the Ethiopian Democratic Party and the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJP) and was released from prison last year said that TPLF can’t blame ADP for the murder of the Amhara Region’s leaders.
“Security is a huge issue. Decades ago Kinfe G/Medhin was assassinated and ADP did not blame TPLF, when Haylom Araya was killed ADP did not say TPLF was getting the country into trouble. What TPLF said is a very bizarre opinion to me. Any how’s the real thing that EPRDF should do now is looking inside itself not wasting time on undermining one another which bring us nothing for us,’’ he added .