Attorney General suspends criminal cases of prominent business people, companies


The list includes Shoa Bakery, NICON Plc, Ermias Tekle Amelga, ZTE HK Limited, Tsegu Berhane Trading Plc, Zenit Gebs Eshet Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Abattoir, Ethiopian Tourist Trading Enterprise and Royal Foam

Federal Attorney General announced that it suspended to pursue the criminal cases of prominent business people and companies that it allegedly said committed financial crimes. The attorney general dropped charges related to contraband, tax evasion, fraudulent documents and for not issuing receipts for over 420 entities and over 1,100 individuals.
Those whose charges are dropped after charged with tax evasion and giving fraudulent documents to tax authorities are 69 companies and 45 individuals. These companies include Family Trading Plc, Bags Family Construction, TGM Polytech PP Factory, Shoa Bakery, Tsehaye Zemuy Teklu, Cosmo Trading, Hayleyesus Mengistu, Inter Aman Plc, NICON Plc, Wondwossen Mengistu, TGMD Trading Plc, Ermias Tekle Amelga, Mohammed Seid Mohammed Nur, GO Synthetic Industrial Works, ZTE HK Limited and Ramada Trading Plc.
Of those 21 individuals were charged with crimes related with contraband goods but their cases were dropped. Tsegaye Haile Dendir, Simenesh Eshetu Birru, Tsegaye Hailemariam Ashebir, Kidan Kahsay Gebreyohannes, Asfaw Seyoum Urgessa, rahel Endale Anbori, Amarech Yaynishet, and Biruk Girma were some of the defendants which their charges are dropped.
According to a statement from the Attorney General, over 325 companies and more than 700 individuals’ case was suspended after the attorney dropped their charges for not issuing a receipt. These include Tsegu Berhane Trading Plc, Royal House Finishing Plc, Conark Trading, MNA Trading, Panumun Supplies PLC, Zenit Gebs Eshet Ethiopia, Lemat Hotel and Trading, Super Double T General Trading, Ada Food Complex, Asfaw and Family Bar and Restaurant, and Anbessa Sporty Betting.
Moreover, OK Agro Industry, Ethio-German Pharmaceuticals, TTN General Trading, Habesha Sport World, Lion Trading Plc, Rozita Bakery, Enrich Agro Industry Plc, Blue Bell Computer, Addis Ababa Abattoir, Ethiopian Tourist Trading Enterprise, Royal Foam, BlueBird Trading and Joy Leather are also included in the list the attorney genral pardoned.
The attorney General also suspended 21 cases of individuals and companies that were appealed by prosecutors after being ruled by a lower court. These include Habitat New Flower Homes, Kepa Textile, SZSA Construction Machineries Rental and Gonga Construction.
The attorney general also announced that it will continue to suspend more cases in the future.