Jubilation, defiance as activists, political prisoners released


Celebration filled the air as the 746 prisoners were released earlier today from the maximum security Kality prison.

The prisoners that include Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega and Abebe Kesto, were released after protests in Oromia and Amhara region rocked the country in the past two years.eskinder-nega

Abebe told Capital that the people set them free. “It is the peaceful struggle that sets us free.”

Eskinder also said that the struggle for freedom will continue. “I will start the peaceful struggle now not tomorrow” he told Capital.

Andualem also said that he is happy that he is free.

Their relatives and supporters crowded the main prison gate in the afternoon cheering them as they walk free.

Yesterday Oromo Federalist Congress members including Bekele Gerba, Gurmesa Ayano, Adisu Bullala and Dejene Tafa were also released in hopes of reconciliation.