Most street traders continue selling illegally


The Addis Ababa Trade Bureau says the Office of Code Enforcement must do a better job of enforcing street vending rules.
According to the Bureau, street vendors are expected to register but only 14,000 out of the estimated 117,000 have done so.
Most of these street vendors in Addis sell jewelry, electronic gadgets, fruits and vegetables, second hand clothing including underwear and other items.
Dagnachew Lure, who oversees the Informal Trade Formalization at the Bureau told Capital that illegal vending is taking place in Arada, Yeka, Gullele, Addis Ketema and Bole Sub- Cities.

“The proclamation was ratified six months ago but illegal street vending is still an issue despite some improvement. Many teens migrating from rural areas are trading on the streets illegally. Meanwhile, the Code Enforcement Bureau is doing nothing to stop this activity so we are discussing this problem with the Mayor’s office.
Capital’s effort to get a response from the Code Enforcement Bureau was unfruitful.
The informal sector was estimated to account for over 38pc of the country’s total gross domestic product.
The Bureau grants vendors stalls in 129 designated marketplaces around the city through a raffle system.
As a requirement for registration, street vendors have to present identification cards from a Kebele, and their capital can’t exceed 10,000 birr. A registration fee of 70 birr is also mandatory. Upon registration, the vendors receive a taxpayer identification number and a badge to wear at all times while working in the marketplaces.