PM Abiy to address Djiboutian parliament today


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Phd) will address the Djibouti parliament today Sunday April 29, in his first foreign visit.
PM Abiy, who was elected on April 2 by the parliament, was full of activity by visiting and delivering speeches in regional states around the country.
He will also held bilateral talks with authorities in Djibouti, which is the main sea gateway for Ethiopia.
The relation of Ethiopia and Djibouti is in good condition besides the initial low level tie at the beginning of the EPRDF lead transitional government came to power in early 1990s. The bondage of the two countries become warmer, when Ethiopia the most populous nation without sea outlet, moves its ports activity to Djibouti after the border conflict between Eritrea in 1998.
Currently Ethiopia and Djibouti have various social and economic co-operations and are stated as an example for regional integrations in the continent. They have linked with optical fiber cable, electric, water and modern electrical railway and have agreed with several upcoming co-operations including the construction of natural gas pipelines and facilitate joint customs facility in addition to open school for Ethiopian community in Djibouti city.
The former PM Hailemariam Dessalegn is the first Ethiopian head of government to pay the first official state visit to Djibouti in 2015, while leaders before him made several visits at the neighboring nation. Experts stated that however Ethiopia has high demand to expand options to use some other ports in the region, at the current level ports in Djibouti are more feasible in terms of modern infrastructure like railway and other alternatives.