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Home ispot BGI introduces its non-alcoholic beverage SEN’Q

BGI introduces its non-alcoholic beverage SEN’Q


BGI Ethiopia introduces its first ever non-alcoholic beverage -SEN’Q into the malt drink market. BGI is working day in and day out, in an effort to put Ethiopia alongside the international standard of having an extensive list of beverages i.e. diversifying the market. Despite the difficulties that have come out of COVID-19, BGI is working tirelessly to strengthen the severely disrupted economy. Accordingly, it has done more besides managing daily affairs and releasing Ethiopia’s first ever brown beer, Doppel; the company has just introduced this new and eccentric Non-Alcoholic Beverage -SEN’Q. “Enriching our bodies with vitamins that are essential to our health, ̈SEN’Q is crafted with the traditional principle of motherly love and care through state-of-the-art brewing technology,” reads a statement from BGI. SEN’Q is a mixture of Caramel, Vanilla and Ethiopian coffee fortified with Vitamins.