Businesses in Kenya, Uganda to benefit from SME Boost Program


Cloud Productivity Solutions launched a Small Medium and Enterprise Boost (SME Boost) solution, powered by Microsoft 365 Business, that seeks to transform the way modern businesses work. SME Boost provides organizations with improved real-time communication, collaboration, and advanced security features that improve productivity in and out of the workplace.
SME Boost is a cloud-based solution driven by the changing work culture from on-premises to remote and hybrid work. With SME Boost, you can perform a variety of business functions, such as website and ecommerce hosting, share and store files securely, email marketing, and much more in one solution. As such, businesses will be able to eliminate costly and multiple apps with this unified single productivity solution.
Organizations that use SME Boost will benefit from user adoption/training through workshops, adoption resources, and guidance. This will help staff develop the skills needed to utilize all features provided once SME Boost has been deployed. More so, Cloud Productivity Solutions will also provide customer proactive support, a service that anticipates customer issues and provides remedies in advance. Customers won’t need to contact the company and wait for long hours anymore.