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Coca Cola launches sugar free coke

The Coca-Cola Company celebrates the official launch of Coca-Cola without Sugar, in Ethiopia, bringing the refreshing taste of classic Coca-Cola without sugar, to consumers. Since the product launch in the US, the Coca-Cola Company has conducted a global expansion to launch Coca-Cola Without Sugar, where the brand is currently being sold in 160 countries worldwide.
To commemorate this momentous occasion, the Coca-Cola Company held a memorable launch event at the Skylight hotel, in Addis Ababa, in the presence of Coca-Cola representatives, key stakeholders, influencers and invited guests. The Coca-Cola Company uses innovative technology to develop the new Coca-Cola without Sugar, while maintaining the taste of real Coca-Cola, without sugar. In addition, Sprite and Fanta without sugar were also launched in the Coca-Cola without Sugar campaign. Coca-Cola Without Sugar™ represents the company’s latest effort to bring beverages without sugar to Ethiopian consumers.
When asked about the launch of their new product, Coca-Cola’s Managing Director Daryl Wilson said, “What makes Coca-Cola Without Sugar unique is that it has the great taste of Coca-Cola, without sugar. We are proud to launch Coca-Cola without Sugar beverage, as an innovative product of our time, a without sugar product that Coca-Cola fans can enjoy.”

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