Council of Ministers decides to downsize cabinet members


The Council of Ministers that discussed on a draft bill providing for the definition of powers and duties of the executive organs has decided to reduce number of cabinet members to 20 from the previous 28.
In this regard, the Council in its deliberation, approved the proposal to merge some ministries.
Among the ministries to be merged are the ministry of trade with industry; ministry of science and technology with communication and information technology; and ministry of urban development with construction.
The council approved the draft law to restructure the executive due to the need for strong institutions that will allow the achievement of the second GTP in the remaining time.
The Council has also underlined the need for strong institutions that will help the country continue the sweeping reforms.
The need to make institutions cost effective and avoid overlapping duties and responsibilities are also among the reasons for the restructuring of the executive organs, according to Fitsum Arega, Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister.
The other key decision reached by the Council is to establish a “Ministry of Peace” that will work on nurturing national consensus.
It also passed a decision to established ministry of higher education and science that oversees all public universities.
The draft bill contains other structure amendments, which is expected to be submitted to the House of Peoples’ Representatives for approval soon.