Ethiopia’s National Security Council vows to take all legal measures to ensure rule of law


The National Security Council of Ethiopia said the government will take all legal and appropriate measures to fulfill its responsibilities of ensuring rule of law and safety of its citizens.
“We have no heart to tolerate and shoulder anarchism,” the Council said in a statement sent to FBC today.
Accordingly, the government has begun taking all legal and stern measures to guarantee peace and make people feel safe, the statement said.
The measures will continue, the statement added.
Several citizens have lost their lives in the recent conflicts in Addis Ababa and its environs, it said, adding attempt were also underway to spread the conflict to Ethiopian Somali and other areas as well as to hamper the upcoming 11th Congress of EPRDF.
The youth should avoid being an instrument for “political traders” and robbers, the statement said, adding all who will participate in illegal activities knowingly or unknowingly will be met with appropriate legal measures.