Italy vows to deepen Ethio-EU cooperation


Italy would continue playing its role to make sure the mutually beneficial cooperation between Ethiopia and the European Union (EU) deepens more, said Arturo Luzzi, Italian Ambassador to Ethiopia.
Given the long and deeply rooted friendship, based on the foundations of mutual understanding and respect, Italy plays a natural role as country of reference for Ethiopia among its European partners, Ambassador Luzzi said.
The recent visit by Italian Prime Minister Conte to Ethiopia also reasserts Rome’s desire to collaborate with Addis Ababa in areas like Horn stability and economic spheres, he noted.
“Ethiopia is a strategic partner for Italy in our engagement in the Horn of Africa and the whole Continent,” the Ambassador
“We have worked very closely in the framework of IGAD, being Co-Chair of IGAD Partners Forum (IPF) and we have strongly supported the action of the Ethiopian Presidency in order to find a solution to the crisis in South Sudan.”
Promoting economic growth is one of the keys to ensure long lasting peace and stability in the region and Italy stands ready to increase the level of economic cooperation with Ethiopia, he added.
Italy also appreciates Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s vision and his reform in political social and economic spheres.