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PM Abiy holds discussion with disgruntled soldiers

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed held discussion with disgruntled members of the special defense forces assigned to control the recent conflict around Addis Ababa.
Members of the army claimed that officers at various levels could not address their grievances about the low allowances and benefits they receive.
According to them, the purpose of the march to the Prime Minister’s Office was to appeal to Abiy Ahmed.
The premier, who stated that their demand was appropriate, noted that it will be addressed after a study is conducted along with similar complaints of other civil servants such as teachers and medical professionals.
Asked about the stand of his government about disarming the Oromo Libration Front, PM Abiy said armed struggle is not acceptable in a democratic state.
“All the armed opposition political parties returned to the country after reaching agreement to struggle peacefully and democratically. Every political party has accordingly disarmed and this was disclosed through several media,” he noted, adding that discussion will be held with the leadership of OLF soon to resolve the problem.

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