Sahara Group urges WTO to promote equitable trade, access to energy


Kola Adesina, Executive Director, Sahara Group has said the World Trade Organisation (WTO) needs to galvanise the interest and support of various stakeholders to promote equitable global trade relations and energy access in Africa where almost 600 million live without electricity.
Adesina who spoke on ‘Redirecting the World Trade Organisation’ at the virtual 2021 Horasis Global Meeting said deploying multilateral engagements would help circumvent the status quo that has made global trade relations “somewhat lopsided.” Horasis is one of the foremost annual meetings of the world’s leading decision makers from business, government and civil society.
“The WTO must ensure that multilateralism guides its decision making. The countries of the world are not all on same pedestal, there should be consideration for the poor countries. The WTO should create a system where countries come together to create a united front to handle the issues the world is facing,” he said.