The Embassy of Israel fare welled two Ethiopian mothers of two Israeli Soldiers honored and awarded the President’s Medal of Excellence


The Embassy of the State of Israel fair welled two Ethiopian mothers of two outstanding Israeli soldiers to Israel to attend the President’s Medal of Excellence award ceremony given by Isaac Herzog, President of the State of Israel. Nathnael Fantahun, 24 and Abrash Zagia, 23 recipients of this award migrated to Israel and joined the military.
Abrash, the first recipient solider serves as medical secretary at the Medical Services Headquarters, received the Presidential Outstanding Medal along with 119 other soldiers. The soldiers receive this award for their significant service and extraordinary contribution to the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and the State of Israel. In 2018, Abrash immigrated to Israel from Addis Ababa as a lone soldier, her Jewish father died 20 years ago when she was a child and her mother, Alganesh Werku, stayed in Ethiopia.
Nathnael Fantahun is the second recipient is a solider awarded with President’s Medal of Excellence award for his excellent achievement in the military. His mother Emebet Negussie said that this was something that was beyond her expectation and everything still feel surreal.


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