UN in Somalia launchs a new programme on empowering women


UN Officials, Federal and State Government officials, members of the civil society and donor partners gathered to mark the launch of a new Women, Peace and Protection Joint Programme. Funded by the Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) (US$ 5 million) and the Somalia Multi Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) ($1.2 million of funding from Germany), the Programme is the result of inclusive consultations, collective planning and prioritization in the area of women, peace and security (WPS). It will be implemented by UNDP and UN Women, in partnership with the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development (MoWHRD) and UNSOM. The event took place in the Aden Adde International Airport where the participating agencies signed a commitment banner to support Somali women in peacebuilding and leadership roles.
The programme’s aim is to promote women’s meaningful participation in peacebuilding processes in Somalia, particularly in decision-making and leadership roles, and to sustain peace at national and community levels.