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HomeNewsEthio telecom launches its 4G LTE service in its South West Region

Ethio telecom launches its 4G LTE service in its South West Region

Ethio telecom which is aggressively upgrading its service and with its continues expansion of 4G LTE advanced network, has launched its LTE advanced service in its South West region on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. The region include the towns of Jimma, Agaro, Bedele, Masha, Bonga, Koisha, Mettu, Mizan and Teppi.
Despite the process of privatization the sole telecom provider is advancing its services in different parts of the country.
Ethio-telecom has been capitalizing on creating cash less society via its well expanding telebirr in different parts of the nation as standardization of payment mechanisms on the Internet is essential to the success of running business, stated Company CEO Firehiwot Tamiru.
Firehiwot said the world has now been advancing towards full and efficient digital technology utilization and “our country is also in a position to well enjoy digitalizing.”
“The company has been working to enable citizens to use internet services as much as possible,” she added during the launching ceremony held at Central Hotel in Jimma.
The series of expansions have been based on where the company has noted high mobile data traffic and surge in demand.
The project is completed within ten days by Ericsson. “We worked together with our strategic partner Ericsson and finished the difficult task to deploy the 4G LTE advanced in South West Region,” Firehiwot said.
Ethio Telecom has expanded its 4G LTE service to Addis Ababa, South East Region, North West Region, East East Region, South West Region, East Region, Central East Region, North East Region and North East Region.
In the future, “the company has completed the expansion of its 4GLTE service in line with the data growth and demand, the company is endeavored to expand the service to all parts of the country,” Frehiwot explained.
Apart from its network expansion Ethio telecom is working to successfully integrate its mobile money platform Telebirr with banks and other money transfer companies. So far according to the CEO 4.1 million customers subscribed telebirr.
Firehiwot said that digital transformation is a long term commitment to differentiating and growing companies by reexamining all aspects of their business, “telebirr is unique to our partners and we have found that this step is playing critical role in attaining a successful digital transformation initiative.”

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