Little known company offers least bid


Little known company has just offered the lowest price for the supply of 80,000 metric tons of wheat on the bid conducted by Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service (PPPDS).
The bid that was opened about a week ago has invited interested bidders to supply the grain to three warehouses located at Adama, Dire Dawa and Kombolcha.
The grain will be bought by the Food Security Coordination Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture for Rural Productive Safety Net Program and the bid shall be facilitated by PPPDS, which is responsible in the undertaking of huge federal government’s procurements.
According to the bid document from the total 80,000 metric tons; 26,000 metric tons shall be delivered to Adama Central warehouse, 30,000 metric tons to Kombolcha and the remainder 24,000 metric tons to Diredawa Central warehouse.
Nuhizy Alrfay Mohamed, Promising International Trading Co, Ameropa AG and Falconbridge Resources have participated and offered their rates for the supply of the grain.
Excluding single bidders, the rest gave different rates based on the destinations of the warehouses.
In the stated order, Nuhizy Alrfay Mohamed, which is a little known company surprisingly offered the least bid. The company offered a similar price of USD 342.1 per ton for grain to be transported to all the three warehouses. In total, the company has offered USD 27.36 million for the 80,000 metric tons.
Promising International Trading Co of Dubai has offered USD 351.7 per ton for wheat that will be transported to Adama, USD 349.95 per ton for the destination at Kombolcha and USD 340.95 per ton for Dire Dawa warehouse, which is closer to the sea port.
In total, promising, which has been involved on the wheat bid in the past, has offered USD 27.82 million to supply the product.
Ameropa’s offer for wheat that shall be delivered to Adama was USD 356.37 per ton, USD 351.37 per ton to Kombolcha warehouse, and USD 341.37 per ton for Dire Dawa warehouse. Its aggregate offer was USD 27.99 million for the 80,000 metric tons.
Falconbridge Resources has offered the highest in comparison to the stated three with an aggregate offer of USD 28.37 million.
The company has tabled USD 361 per ton for the product to be available at Adama, USD 356 per ton to Kombolcha, and USD 346 per ton at Dire Dawa.
Nuhizy Alrfay Mohamed seem to be the likely candidate to win based on lowest bid offer, but since the procurement is financed by the World Bank after finalization from PPPDS, the World bank will evaluate and weigh in on the final approval.
The bid was opened on September 30.