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Home News MIDROC, Alkhorayef industries strike deal

MIDROC, Alkhorayef industries strike deal

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

MIDROC Ethiopia investment group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding /MoU/ with Saudi based Alkhorayef Industries to rehabilitate its farms with a central pivot irrigation technology.
CEO of MIDROC investment group, Jemal Ahmed stated that the agreement is vital in increasing productivity as well as reducing costs.
“It will enable us to produce three times a year by making us independent from rain,” he stated.
One center pivot irrigation can water up to 80 hectares of land and the technology will spread over the 13,000 hectares of land farms, he explained. The four farms set to benefit from this include; Ayehu farm, BirSheleko farms Netly and Shalo farms which are located across different regions of Ethiopia.
Khaled A.Shalabi, Alkhorayef Industries’ Vice President of Africa, said that for the next five years they are keen on working in areas such as; land preparation, feasibility study, design, and capacity building by training the staffs of MIDROC on the system application.
Alongside fruits and vegetables the company is engaged in coffee, tea, cut flower, oil seeds, cotton honey and spices farms.