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Task force set up to decide the future of academic year

The global pandemic COVID-19 is becoming another additional headache to the education system which was already crippled by violence in the past few months.
The Ministry of Education is contemplating to postpone the National University Entrance Exam of grade 12 which was scheduled to be conducted from June 1 up to June 3.
“The Ministry has formed a task force to oversee the situation and if things get worse there is a possibility that the date will be changed” said Haregua Mamo, communication director of the Ministry of Education.
However sources told Capital the printing of exam materials, which is done at Berhanena Selam Printing Enterprise is put on hold for the last two weeks.
On Monday, March 16, 2020 three days after the first case of corona virus was announced, the prime minister ordered to close schools across the country and for university students to remain where they are deterring mobility for two weeks for fear of the virus.
And on March 27, 2020 the government decides to extend the closure for two more weeks and students from higher educations to go back to their home.
The Ministry of Science and Higher Education that is responsible for Universities across the country announced that it is considering making instructional materials available online for students.
More than 20 million students over the country are obliged to stay at home as a result of the announcement.
Dechasa Gurme, Communication director of Ministry of Science and Higher Education said “if things get back to normal and if the government announces that students can go back to their schools in the coming one month, students may go to their university but if this cannot happen, students may be obliged to start their education in the coming year.”
In the past two to three years most higher education facilities were facing instabilities due to the political situation of the country.
A report by the ministry shows that in the past six months more than half of the 45 universities in two regions and Dire Dawa were knocked down by instability, and more than 35,000 students’ quit their classes because of the security issues.
Currently most of the higher education institutions are preparing to serve as a quarantine if things get worse in the country.
Different countries in the world are announcing that their schools will remain closed for the rest of the academic year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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