Constitutional violence is unacceptable



The National Defence Force that has been in the bunkers for the past 20 years defending its people and the country by paying heavy sacrifices with its blood and bone has been attacked, in Tigray region of Mekelle and many other places, by group of TPLF who betrayed their country Ethiopia.
TPLF’S Advocates of aggression towards Northern Command Force is a terrorist attack. The army has been attacked from behind by its own colleagues & brothers and many have been martyred, wounded and properties destroyed as well as looted assets.
The Ethiopian Defense Force Northern Command were active in participating of social affairs with Tigrian brothers in burning the grass to create smoke, to signal aircraft, to spray chemicals and to drive away grasshoppers from fields of farmers., soldiers of the command were also engaged in the process of gathering a ripe crop from the fields of Tigray
As Ethiopian Defense Force Northern Command finds itself under attack by TPLF as a result of protecting Northern part of Ethiopian border and Tigrian people from any possible foreign aggression, then the last red line has been crossed.
The government tried to avoid war, but war cannot be avoided by one side,” PM Abiy said. Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced that the National Defence Forces (ENDF) was given an order to start a military offensive against the Tigray’s People Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Defense Force responded properly.
Ambassador Dina Mufti Spokesperson of MOFA claimed that the offensive comes after the TPLF “took measures” and tried to “rob the Northern Command of artillery and military equipment.”
Mai Kadra, one of the towns in Tigray killing by TPLF a group of Youth calling themselves SAMRI slaughtered more than 700 innocents Amharic descent was ethically motivated, grave human rights violations which may amount to crimes against humanity and war crimes. The victims were constricted throat, stabbed and beaten to death. The roads were strewn with a number of dead bodies.
TPLF is dressing its solders in uniforms resembling those of the Army of neighboring Eritrean to implicate the Eritrean government in false claims of aggression against the people of Tigray.
There is no doubt that aggressive nationalism (a strong love of Ethiopia) has dramatically increased to a level that many have never seen before due to the 100% of Tigray region became under the Federal Defense Force, said, Amb. Dina Mufti.
In one video, widely circulated on Ethiopian social media a young men said they were “Extremely happy” to see the main cities like Adwa, Shire, Axum, Adigrat and Mekele the capital of Tigray and more than 90% of the regional state are liberated from TPLF by Defense force, smiling as they pointed at the Northern part of the country where the military base direction of the Tigray region is.
Many waved the Ethiopian flag and holding up posters while others belting out Ethiopian National Anthem, the crowd sings cheerfully “Respect for Citizenship” is strong in our Ethiopia, National Pride is seen, shining from one side to other side. For peace, for justice, for the freedom of peoples, in equality and in love we stand united.
In another video, on the victory of the Federal Defense Force, a group belting out a patriotic Ethiopian song. The crowd sings cheerfully “praising our beloved motherland as it goes towards prosperity and power.” A crowd was also praising VIVA PM Abiy Ahmed the Commander – in – Chief the Federal Defense Force, Field Commanders and the entire Federal Defense Force on your wonderful performance; we are at your side.
In Joyful demonstrations and support towards the Defense ForceTens of thousands of residents flooded the streets across the Country including Addis Ababa and in other cities of Ethiopia, people in cars honked their horns, many of them whistled and played loud music and dancing in public spaces to marc the occasion.
After the attack on Northern Command Force by TPLF the reaction of the people shows that Ethiopians united together for their integrity, can never be defeated by any means and logic, we have seen how good we can be when we come together, said, Ambassador Fesseha Shawol, DG, IGAD and Neighboring countries in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Foreign Orchestrated and Ethnically motivated killings are certainly nothing new for Africa, but this particular murder of Mai-Kadra on ethnical line by TPLF has touched one of the biggest nerves in decades, and the incident has been conducted when the Ethiopian people and government attention was fully focused on peace and development.
It does not make all of us to feel good and save. It is not just only about Mai-Kadra killings on their ethnical line but you look back Shashemene, Benshangul, Guraferda, Wollega, 86 innocents in Addis Ababa and many others, let their house count them, how many times are we seen the same situation, just the names change but the colour does not and that is the painful reality of the situation. It is not in the past but it is in this TPLF generation history of discrimination and hate rate on ethnic line, sponsored by foreign entity and implemented by forces that are against the reform.
That is the honest truth behind this attack and frustration, somebody with the right mind can share the outrage at this fundamental injustice.
We have Covid-crisis, we have locust crisis, we have issue with our own resource of ABAY River (Blue Nile) and we have the situation of incident by foreign entities and in close collaboration with people who lost their advantages of corrupt practices due to reform, they incited violence and Riots in Addis Ababa and in Oromia, that is the honest truth and that is what is behind this anger and frustration and somebody with the right mind share the outrage at this fundamental crisis, they do.
BUT CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER, LAUNCHING MILITARY ATTACK ON NATIONAL DEFENSE FORCE IT NEVER IS THE ANSWER. Constitutional Violence obscures the righteousness of the message and the mission. We lose the point by attacking military base and looting assets the violence in response and allows people who chose to scapegoat the point of violence rather than the action that created the reaction.
The constitutional violence allows people to talk about the violence as a pose to honestly to address the situation that incited the violence.
Dr. Luther King has taught us this, he knows better than anyone who is speaking to us today on this issue, RETURNING HATE FOR HATE MULTIPLIES HATE. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that, yes outrage, yes frustration, yes anger but not VIOLENCE AND RIOT. As well as attack on your own citizens.
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has ordered the military to review the actions and the procedure on enforcement of Rule of law because the Ethiopian people do deserve answer and accountability.
Those who are working for their own interests not for the Country to betray their country by committing treason, turning against their government and people, perhaps by selling secret information and destabilizing of their own country with the sponsors of foreign entity became the temporary challenge of Ethiopia which will be solved soon or later by strong sense of solidarity of the Ethiopian Nation and Nationalities, said, Ambassador Dina Mufti, Spokes Person of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.