Microsoft plans to use Ethereum to solve piracy if you invest


Ethereum allows all data to be transparent and able to be tracked by anyone. Blockchain technology stores confidential information in an encrypted format and the decryption keys can only be shared with authorized individuals. Microsoft intends to use this transparency to reduce piracy. Let’s see how they plan to do it on Bitcoin Trader Reviews

Blockchain Technology transparency as a driver for growth

Blockchain has always been an attractive option for companies and individuals that wished to have a permanent record of transactions and to be able to trace them. And as such, Microsoft’s research division has released a study where Blockchain-based incentive systems with campaigns were studied by Alibaba and Carnegie Mellon University researchers. The title of this paper is “Argus: A Fully Transparent Incentive System for Anti-Piracy Campaigns”

By using the blockchain to create a financial mechanism, Microsoft offers a system that protects open anonymous users data while providing a trustless incentive mechanism. An Argus watermarking algorithm provides backtracing to the source of pirated content. It is called a Proof-of-Leakage, which involves an information-hiding mechanism so that only the informer can report the same copy of the leaks, even though they don’t own it.

Team members optimized cryptographic operations to reduce the network fees to the equivalent of sending 14 ETH-transfer transactions to run on the Ethereum platform. According to the paper, the team optimized several cryptographic, which would otherwise be thousands of transactions.


What happens when you decide to invest?

Ethereum as of today is $3274. The all-time high was $4,356, which occurred on May 12. In this way, we can look back on how it has evolved historically, and we can also predict its future development. By doing so, it became 33% more valuable.

Moreover, the volume of its trading increased by 15% while the market capitalization increased by 4% in the last 24 hours. As a point of comparison, let’s look at July’s performance. July 20 marked its lowest point with a value of $1,724, while July 31 marked its highest point with $2,536.

According to IntoTheBlock data, Within the past seven days, there were $72.47 billion in transactions greater than $100,000. In addition, it saw total inflows of 7.15 billion and total outflows of 7.94 billion in the last 7 days. The data points above suggest that Ethereum (ETH) is likely to increase to $4,157 by August, making it a good investment.

In pre-market deals on Wall Street, Ethereum ranked 4.1% at US$3,295, while Microsoft found their shares at 0.2% at US$292.28. We look forward to the price of Ethereum going up as Microsoft achieves this feat.

Walmart’s new dash into Cryptocurrency

Earlier today, Walmart put out a hiring post with a request for a digital currency and crypto lead. With the person being responsible for developing Walmart’s product roadmap and digital currency strategy.

Although this might seem like Walmart’s first foray into crypto, they have previously filed for a patent that looks like Diem, a Facebook creation. In addition, the retailer uses distributed ledger technology to track drug and food supply chains.

In addition to Walmart, Amazon is also trying to get into the market. To do this, Amazon requires whoever gets the job to articulate and develop the business case for the possibilities that should be created, drive overall product strategy and vision, and gain buy-in from leadership.

With this move, it will be in the best interest of many mainstream organizations to start showing interest in Crypto as that’s one way of escaping the economic challenges facing lots of businesses.