What a Disaster


Very unfortunately indeed using Chat and weeds in Ethiopia sadly and dramatically is spreading all over the country for the last 30 years in general particularly in Amhara region where there was no a single plant of Chat and Weeds perhaps before 20 year back or more .Well I am a living witness indeed, I used to travel to Gonder through Debera Markos and Bahir
Dar for business purpose and during that time I had never ever seen any farmer or any individual inhabitant coming to the road side to sale holding in his hand a benches of Chat and weeds, instead, they were trying to sale various types of food substance such as Teff, Barely, Maize, Wheat and sugar cane and more.
Unfortunately, the new generation is very much addicted to chewing Chat and Weeds, smoking different substances and drinking alcohol almost twenty four hours a day.
Well, having said that, why are they exposed to such very bad and disasters habits, obviously the issue first may start from the family, though, the parents trying every possible action including medical consultations to protect their children from such seriously bad habit, but the issue is beyond parents control due to the major contributing factors that the dealer are permitted to open a shops to sale Chat and Weeds in every regions particularly in Addis Ababa where it is abundantly available in every corner in general particularly near the schools.
Truly speaking, that is why indeed very unfortunately those young generation are unable to participate in any of the Ethiopian development projects and they are completely a burden to the nation rather than being a great support to the country and not only that their heath is seriously damaged they would be cripple and completely unproductive both to themselves and to the nation.
Obviously, this is the Government and the ministry of education’s huge mistake unable to take appropriate responsibility in time to save the future generation to make them productive .
Makonnen Gebreigziabher