Business organizations do not operate in a vacuum. They depend wholly and solely on the society for its survival where, the latter provides the resources such as labor, material, infrastructure, etc. to the former. This holds every business enterprise responsible “socially”, “economically” and “ethically” towards the environment in which it operates.
As per this principle, Business entities are expected to manage their operations in such a way that they can enhance economic growth, increase competitiveness, at the same time, ensure environmental protection and promote social responsibility along with stakeholders’ interest.
Nowadays many companies choose to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility. The concepts influence has evidently increased, and today more companies than ever are presenting various examples of activities that they are undertaking in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.
Mr. Eyob Negussie, Royal Foam founder and CEO, said that to become a good corporate citizen from its inception, Royal Foam has incorporated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as one of the strategies to conduct business in the way that is ethical, society friendly and beneficial to community in terms of development. The activities that Royal has participated include working in partnership with local communities, humanitarian activities, developing relationships with employees, customers and their families, and involving in activities for environmental conservation and sustainability. Royal has donated funds and in-kind support worth over two million birr to local charities and welfare organizations since it has entered to the market. Despite challenges that the company is currently facing in the market, it is still devoted to resume its corporate social responsibility activities, because Royal do its business in a way that is ethical and society friendly!
Regarding charity works, in 2011, Royal Foam has warmly welcomed the request from local charity organization that operates under Bole Amanuel United Church, which has been established the same year to work together. This charity organization support children who need assistance through food and in kind. Eligible children for the program will be selected through recommendation of local government bodies and the church itself. They live with their parents who are mostly either single mother or father.
When Royal starts the program the children were ten who had received monthly food support,annual educational materials, counseling and other integrated services. Since 2012 up to now Royal’s children have reached fifty (50) those who are being raised with affection under Royal corporate social responsibility strategy.
Beyond the aforementioned supports, the CEO with his team has conducted regular visits at the children home checking on their status. Royal also gave mattresses and blankets for their families at different times and other community members who were in emergency situations, accordingly. Beside, the basic supports that Royal has been delivering for the children and their families, in order to enjoy the children; regular recreation programs have been arranged by the company. These are some to mention. In future, Royal Foam will expand its scope and continue its corporate social activities thoroughly.

Finally, Mr. Eyob delivers his message saying that there are so many people in our country who need support. Hence, business firms that are not engaged in such poverty reduction activities should have to take their responsibilities to assist these people and alleviate poverty in different ways based on their capacity and become a good corporate citizen!