Abraham Mebratu’s joke on U-20’s Bamako return leg


Here comes Abraham with no tactical or technical analysis of the sport about Wednesday’s 1-1 home draw against visitors Mali U-20 national team. He didn’t tell us why we lost the game to a team that reached Addis Ababa less than twenty four hours before the game with three of their main players even reached hours before kick-off.
His focus was on his team’s superior ball possession and creating some good goal scoring chances. He stated Amanuel G/Kidan contributed lots despite injury. But he did not tell us that the home side domination was far from danger areas and Amanuel’s supply was cut short because of the mid field. Above all he never mentioned strong sides of Mali that managed to return home with a draw even being under such challenges. He failed to mention their discipline at defense and fast counter attack that almost earned them a winning goal at the final minutes.
Abraham promised an easy win on Tuesday’s away return leg contradicting his word that Mali is the strongest team in West Africa. Although football fans didn’t take it seriously, both Mekelakeya’s Seyoum Kebede and Jimma AbaJifar’s Zemariam told us the same joke days before they got booted out of tournaments. The same goes to Abraham who has better experience in public relation and media consumption.
“I am happy with the team’s performance and we were far better than Mali in both ball possessions and goal trials. Tactically my players were good and we were better in dominating ball possessions and creating chances. I am sure we will back from Bamako booking qualification” Abraham suggested.
In his turn the Malian Coach Fugnyeri Diyara told reporters that there is nothing to wait for Mali has already qualified for next stage. “You lost on your own back yard and now it is our turn and consider it done” Diyara remarked.