An Ethiopian to climb Mount Everest


An Ethiopian is scaling up through the clouds to plant the flag of Ethiopia representing hope in “The New Ethiopia” at the highest point in the world, and help bring attention to street children in Addis Ababa.
Standing at 8,848 meters in Nepal, Mount Everest commands the ultimate mountaineering challenge, presenting climbers with extreme level difficulties mentally and physically, including death.
As a professional engineer and an elite high altitude climber, no one is more prepared to meet this challenge than Sirak Seyoum of Ethiopia, who looks to share the pinnacle of earth with the Ethiopian flag, his charity and his supporters. He is the only Ethiopian who
has already conquered so many mountain peaks in some of the remotest parts of the world, where the Ethiopian flag was quietly raised at the highest peaks of continental regions.
He is taking 11 years-worth of extreme mountain climbing experience, to the top of the world this April – June 2019.