Anteneh Feleke out of EFF Presidential race


Four weeks in to the much anticipated Ethiopian Football Federation National General Assembly in Semera, Oromia Regional State’s Football Federation withdrew its Presidential candidate from the coming election. Former footballer and successful business man Anteneh Feleke told ETV that the move taken by Oromia federation took him by surprise.
A “full investigation had been conducted about my background long before the federation nominated me for the presidential candidacy therefore I can’t understand why and how they changed their mind so quickly,” Anteneh remarked.
The former Saint George, Ethiopia Bunna and national team footballer Anteneh was a surprise choice to represent the Oromia region because he was a permanent resident in the capital. A professional footballer turned successful business man, many thought he was a complete candidate ready to pump new blood in the old-school football federation. However following the postponement of the election to December 25, 2017, Oromia withdrew Anteneh from the presidential race and said they would announce a replacement soon. The incumbent EFF president Juneidin Basha, former EFF Vice-President Teka Asfawa from Amhara, Olympic Committee President DrAsheber W/Giorgis from Southern region and Anteneh Feleke from Oromia are the front runners for the EFF Presidency election.