Big fish Getaneh Kebede signed with Saint George


Despite the failure to retain the Premier League title for a record fifth season, Saint George head coach Carlos Manuel Vas Pinto appeared to survive the axe thus started a buildup signing new players. “The Horse Riders” managed to lure Ethiopian Football big fish Getaneh Kebede to their wing.
Though unheard of Giorgis to tolerate a head coach that lost a title any which way this time reason appeared to prevail over emotion therefore Pinto, who won the love as well the respect of the younger players got the blessing of the Board of Directors for a second chance. Likely to send home the veterans, the likes of Degu Debebe, Abebaw Butako and Adane Girma, Pinto started collecting young talents as well strikers with potential of banging at least an average of 16 goals a season.
As usual the players’ transfer news getting through quiet and smooth with the players’ safe landing in to Saint George came out official through the media all three pictured donning the famous “Yellow with Red” jersey that go along with the “V” sign.
Dedebit’s rising striker Abel Yalew and Champions Jimma AbaJifar right winger Henok Aduna were the first to pen down each with a two year contract but the term as usual undisclosed. Then three days later the big fish that finished Top Scorer of the season in three occasions Getaneh Kebede back from three weeks’ vacation in Germany signed a “would be the biggest of the new season” two years contract. All smile Getaneh seen in media receiving formerly Ume Mohammed’s number “9” shirt. Insiders’ disclosed that Getaneh to became the first Ethiopian Footballer to earn a four million plus worth contract.


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