Dedebit officially dispersed its Women’s side


Imagine all time Ethiopian Women’s League highest scorer Losa Aberra returning home from her trial in Sweden only to discover her beloved team Dedebit disbanded? It is real shocking but it is true that three times defending champion Dedebit is no more in existence.
The sudden demolition of the defending champions was a real shake not only for the players but for the sports’ fans now very much worried Women’s football might be endanger of evaporating in to thin air. According to the club manager Amdemichael it is because of shortage of finance that they are obliged to disperse the team that produced big name players for Ethiopian national team Lucy.
Well Dedbit’s move to Mekele was expected to benefit the team in every way including finance. But the Manager claimed the club is no more in command of the huge money to spend like good old times. It is remembered Dedebit was the one that sky rocketed players’ transfer money when the current EFF vice president Colonel Abdurakim was in office. Dispersing the team that he worked hard means a huge blow on the face for the big guy thus something a miracle is expected of him to reverse the decision.
Women’s football all time highest scorer Losa Aberra, greatest play maker Birtukan G/Kristos, Lucy skipper Senait Bogale, are among the few the prides of Lucy at international stage. Many of the big name players have already joined Ethiopia NegedBank therefore the new season a one horse race.