Dedebit’s League season is coming to end in chaos


Eye brows are turning in question of who is currently in charge of Dedebit FC following Ethiopian Premier League all time highest scorer Getaneh Kebede’s sudden departure to North America to take part in the ongoing Ethiopian Sport Festival in North America (ESFANA) annual event in Dallas-Texas and veteran mid field Efrem Ashamo’s early red card in the decisive away match against league leaders Jimma Abajifar over the week end. “Considering the current chaotic situation there appears no one in charge of the club. Make shift Coach Getu Teshome is just a symbol for the real power is with the senior players behind” one of the frustrated youngsters remarked.
Though Dedebit executives tried to play down the unannounced departure of the club’s number one striker Getaneh Kebede , a number of his team mates are suggesting that it is improper to simply walk out in mid-season while others are in effort of  winning matches. According to insiders Dedebit’s down slide triggered by those veteran players who hardly listen to each other. “Getaneh, Seyoum Tesfaye,  Asrat Megersa and Berhanu Bogale are throwbacks from the South African Cup of Nations  who are playing king maker behind the screen,” the player suggested. “There appears no one to stop Getaneh from Dallas and this power vacuum is the reason for the decline of Dedebit currently sixth in the table slipping down from top table at the end of the first round,” he added.
In the meantime Dedebit issued a statement suspending mid fielder EfremAshamo for an undisclosed duration. Efrem is accused of seeing a red card early in the match against Jimma AbaJifar thus a culprit for the shocking three-nil defeat on Monday. According to a statement from the club Efrem’s red card was purposeful incident that influence the title contention as well relegation survival battle therefore the club decided for suspension of the player until further deliberation taking place.