Dedebit’s walk out bad precedent for EFF


Dedebit walked out of Ethiopian knock-out quarter final stage on grounds of financial insecurity. Ethiopian Football federation is oblivious of handling such bizarre situations so they chose to keep quiet about the new developments. What if others follow suit?
EFF should have readymade regulations to address such unforeseen situations in order to make sure clubs are obliged to stay in championships once registered at the start of the season. The major step to be taken facing such incidents involves checking out clubs’ financial statements at the time of registration. EFF’s unpreparedness to do that has brought about bizarre situations which demoralizes other clubs.
Dedebit’s walkout gave Ethiopia Bunna a place in the quarter final without kicking a ball while others like Fasil achieved that fate after an away 1-0 victory over Welwalo-Adigrat in mid-week. The Gondor based Emperors face the winner of hosts Adama against visitors Bahirdar in a date not yet disclosed to the participating teams.
Dedebit’s sudden walkout will be a bad precedent to Ethiopian Football governing body EFF, incapable of organizing two championships among just sixteen clubs in a country that boasts 13 months of sunshine. Failure of handling such situations could leave EFF a toothless Lion with no power on its subjects. What if any one of the 16 teams walkout in the middle of the league season?