Defunct foreign strikers crowd Ethiopian Premier League


Despite the presence of thirty plus foreign strikers, football fans are complaining about goal droughts as most Ethiopian Premier League fixtures end in a marginal draw results. Why spending huge sum of money for unproductive foreign players instead of developing local boys is a bizarre situation to understand.
Current Premier League records show that only nine foreign players manage to have their names on the goal scorers’ chart and their combined efforts stands a total of 16 goals that is much less than the three Ethiopian joint leading scorers’ combined goal tallies. If that is so why are we not working hard on local talents instead of spending good money for the foreigners is the question.
Adama’s Dawa Hutesa and Sidama Bunna’s Addis Gedey and Hawassa’s Tafesse Solomon sat on top of the leading scorers’ chart with eight goals each while the highest scorer among the foreigners is Diredawa’s Etamunwa Kemuyni bagging four goals in ten matches. Jaco Arafat of Baherdar, Ezuka Ezu of Fasil , Suleiman Lokwa and Alhasen Kalusha of Ethiopia Bunna scored two each, while Mamadou Sidibe, Edi Benjamin, Mid Fofana and Richmond Odongo each have a goal to their names. Of course there are also the likes of last season’s top scorer OkikiAfolabi, Samuel Sanumi and Philip Dawzi who had had their places in the record books. But these days things appear different for the imported goal getters are hardly finding the back of the net.
A total of 16 goals from much talked about nine foreign players comparing with the total goals so far in the season that is 142, the disappointment of football fans that are marching in tens of thousands to watch the so called derby matches are not surprising. But club officials and coaches appeared oblivious of these facts and are making themselves busy signing foreigners at the expense of upcoming home talents. Bottom of the table Dedebit, Debub Police and Sehul-Shere boast three foreigners each yet are crawling down in the table. Is someone up there listening? Super League clubs have also started the dangerous trend.