Degu, Adane, and Abebaw likely to part with St. Geogre


Head Coach Carlos Pinto is tightening his grip on one arm of the Premier League trophy in his very first season with the club, but long serving veteran players the likes of Degu Debebe,  Abebaw Butako and Adana Girma are likely to part ways with their beloved Saint George, which has been their home for more than dozen years. Upcoming youngsters like Abdulkerim Mohammed and Ume Mohammed appear to be the future of “The Horse Riders”.
Team skipper Degu who retired from national duty two seasons ago is no longer a regular player in for Salhadin Bargecho is paired with Mentesenot Adane in the absence of Aschalew Tamene due to injury. The same is true of the left wing back famous for his trade mark free kick Abebaw Butako. He is currently replaced by versatile full back Abdulkerim Mohammed. Both Degu and Abebaw are currently regular reserve players waiting for the end of the season before receiving a marching order from Carlos Pinto who is on the verge of the league title. Pinto’s ideology of “Ball Possession” is getting famous with both the players and supporters thus the old guards likely to salute away soon.
Hard working striker Adane Girma also retired from the national team was regularly warming bench before he got a four match suspension for a red card. Ume came in place of him and scored important goals to push up Saint George back to title contention.  With Salhadin likely to be back from injury and throwing in one or two foreign strikers, Pinto is sure to spare Adane. But both Adane and Abebaw are most likely to sign for a new club for the new season while Degu might remain loyal to Saint Geogre as a member of coaching staff.