EFF announces miraculous Super League new format


Ethiopian Football Federation announced a much appreciated new format to execute the 2018/19 Super League new season. The third edition brings together 36 teams in three groups with the winners of the groups to win automatic qualification to the Premier League.
Geographical location and infrastructural accessibility were among the factors taken in to consideration in the set up of the groups while the format in which 12 teams each in the three groups’ means a twenty-two annual fixtures season that is less than eight matches than the last two seasons.
Former twice Ethiopian champions that relegated last season Ethio-Electric and Woldya are expected to dominate the group where Sebeta, Amhara Water Works, Axum, Dessie, Burayu, Akaki-kaliti, Gelan, Woldya-Kombolcha and Federal Police coming together.
Ethiopia Medin and Addis Ababa appeared to be the heavy weights of Central-Southern-Eastern group. Yeka Sucity, Dilla, Halaba, National Cement, Hambericho, Wolkite, Arsi, Wolayta Sodo and Diredawa Police are the twelve sides’ battling for promotion.
Three former Premier League sides’ Arbamich, Hadiya-Hossana and Jimma AbaBuna are the most experienced teams that already tasted the Premier League action thus making the group the strongest of the three. Negele, Butagera, Selte Werabe, Nekemt, Bishoftu Automotive , Benchmaji, Kaffa Bunna and Shinshicho are the other teams ready for the huge task of promoting to the upper tier at the end of the current season.
According to critics the new format is the first big achievement of the newly elected EFF executive committee and it is to benefit the teams as well the players for every fixtures to take place over week ends and the distance to cover in away matches so minimal.