EFF Presidential election campaign unusually quiet


The much talked about Ethiopian National Football Assembly set to stage in Afar region’s Semera Town on March 3, 2018, the huge issue of the presidential candidate race has been quite. With Dr. Asheber W/Giorgis emerged as the clear favorite for a second four year term in office. Full of theaters and hard balls even among Electoral Committee members including an unprecedented letter to CAF through the committee chairperson Mekonen and hiding a letter from CAF from the public and media for nine days, many sport fans are anxiously awaiting the climax.
The incumbent President Juneidin Besha is more concerned with the FIFA World Cup’s routine tour and hosting the 2020 Chan Championship Cup final. So he has not been appearing on media as he usually does. Many of Juneidin’s supporters have been questioning why their candidate chose to become silent when the going started getting tougher. “I am not happy about his quietness because this is a critical time for the campaign,” remarked an official from the federation.
The same quietness is witnessed from the side of former EFF Vice President and Amhara candidate Teka Asfaw. Famous for being on many FM Radio live programs, Teka has hardly been on the scene as some are saying this is an indication he is throwing the towel. “The presidential election race turned into a cut throat rough game and it is too much for Teka to play the hard ball,” suggested an insider who prefers anonymity.
Though the former EFF President and Parliament member Dr. Asheber’s appearance on media has been rare, insiders suggest his supporters had done a great job on their campaign therefore he is the favorite presidential candidate in the March 3, National General Assembly where CAF and FIFA representatives are said to be present.