Ethiopia Bunna disappointed by results


Club supporters are turning their back on their beloved club following three consecutive defeats, the silence of the club’s Commander Fekade Mamo and the current chaotic situation under French Coach Didier Gomes have made supporters so angry they turned their backs and called out names when the club hosted Debub Police.
The big bosses may not consider the situation to be hazardous. But the diehard supporters went crazy enough to call for someone’s head to roll, in particular Coach Dider Gomes. Nevertheless, both officials have been silent during the three game losing streak. The team has falling from the lead to fifth place in just two weeks and already some are saying Gomez or Board Chair Fekade should be fired.
Bunna has played boring, uninspired football and the messages from the administration have been mixed. On one hand Fekade said management is confident in their French coach but then, after the three losses Gomez submitted his resignation. The Board put his request on hold until the next General Assembly. The resignation request is not timely and is not the answer to the chaos. There needs to be a serious discussion to tackle problems including Gomez’s presence. “The players are not competent enough to don “The Brown Shirts”, remarked Lakew Assefa while his friend Demes added they all are trademarks of Didier’s incompetency.