Ethiopia Bunna signs wizard from France: Da Rosa


Ethiopia Bunna has once again signed a new boss from France in replacement of the last Serbian head coach Costadin Papic who sneaked out back to his former South African 2nd division club Royal Eagles.
Papic’s cheap move took many football fans by surprise but it might be a good riddance as the man from France is a proven veteran of African club football winning titles and producing talents.
The 48 year-old Didier Gomes Da Rosa’s profile shows that his first destination after some years with French football is Rwanda where he took over at Ryon Sports FC in a three year contract. In seven months he made a spectacular come back from relegation zone to win the 2012-13 championship title thrashing rivals and President Paul Kagme’s favorite Army side APR 4-0. Left Ryon in a mutual consent for the club faced financial deficit. He then signed a two year contract with Cameroon side Cotton Sport. Despite a six point penalty he led his young side to win both Elite Cup and Cameroon Cup in 2014-15 then led the club to Confederation Cup semifinals. The charming coach who prefers a 4-3-3 defensive formation had been with the Algerian 2nd division side JSM Skikda until 17th December 2017.
Though Ethiopia Bunna’s scouting of coaches might be in question, Da Rosa’s arrival could be considered a blessing if and only if he is as good as his record on the Internet. Winning titles and helping the team to stand at equal foot of rival Saint George might be his priority but building an overall team structure could be a huge benefit not only for the Ethiopia Bunna but also for the country’s football. Da Rosa is said to lead the team in his away debut match against Jimma AbaBunna on Monday.