Fasil claims Super Cup Trophy


Knockout holders Fasil Town claimed their second major crown as they took home the Ethiopian Super Cup Trophy after a one-nil victory over defending Premier League Champion Mekele SebaEnderta. Seyoum Kebede became the first Coach to win a Super Cup with three different clubs. “I know what I want and what the club wants so I am happy to have achieved the milestone,” Fasil’s Coach Seyoum stated.
Though the final took place in Addis Ababa Stadium, it was like a home match for both teams as many visiting fans were donning red and white jersies. Short of his four foreign players including goal machine Okiki Afolabi, Gebremedin opted for a counter offensive play style, therefore Seyoum took the opportunity for bold moves from the onset.
Though dominating the match from the whistle, it was Mekele’s lone striker Amanuel who sent a fearsome volley just three minutes into the game. Nevertheless the tide turned to Fasil that boosted three of the four foreign footballers including Malian goalie Samake Mikel.
Shemeket Gugsa and Surafel Dagnachew had had some goal scoring chances but an outstanding performance from goalie Philip Avono the game ended 1-0 with last season’s club top scorer Mujib Kasim hammering in the winning goal from Shemeket’s cross 15 minutes before the final whistle.
Contending for a Premier League title, winning the knock-out and Super Cup in just two seasons since joining the upper tier is a huge achievement for The Emperors. However,winning the Super Cup appears to be a curse for him since he lost his job that same season on two occasions with Saint George in 2003 and Mekelakya last year. Behold that curse follows glory in Seyoum’s case.