General Dawa Hutesa destroys Mekelakeya

Seyoum Kebede

Seyoum Kebede who boasted about making Mekelakeya capable of mounting a serious title contention faced a humiliating defeat at home to the hands of Adama. The four star general Dawa Hutesa led the massacre bursting the back of the net four times. “It is a dream come true to help Adama’s revival in the title contention,” Dawa remarked after the sweet away victory while Seyoum remained silent in fear of a backlash.
Though Mekelakeya managed a 1-0 knock-out quarter final victory over old rivals Saint George on Tuesday, it does not mean The Army side is in good form. One mistake from Saint George meant that Mekelakeya got away with that slander victory. But considering Saint Georges’ ten golden chances it was more to luck than hard work therefore Seyoum need to focus on building a humble side out of what he has under his command. Yes Mekelakeya has no foreign player but forget not it is the knock-out holder back from international fixtures.
Mekelakeya is a lone striker’s team with Menyelu Wondemu scoring six of the nine goals but the defense has given up eleven goals. Mekelakeya’s mid field is a slow moving machine fully dominated in both matches against Adama and Saint George. This is a breach of discipline breach that has led to two red cards in a single match, a weak defense, a one man strike force and slow moving mid field hard times are sure to come to Seyoum Kebede.
The wind fall mid week win over Saint George could boost the morale of Mekelakeya in the coming fixtures but if rebuilding the team does not take place, let alone title contention surviving in the league could be a high hill to mount.