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Golden boy Kassaye back to Coffee for second spell

The jubilant Coffee supporters raised their voices in unison to salute the return of their golden boy back to the hot seat. Though only few thousands remember Kassaye coaching let alone playing, the legend that he is an ardent believer of building an entertaining football playing team made them believe that good old times are soon to come back. “We believe in Kassaye” and “Good times are coming to our football” are of the few placards read on Sunday.
Unveiled on Sunday at Meskel Square where 40000 Ethiopia Coffee Family took part in the 4th annual “ Family Run 10KM road race” Kassaye in his brief statement with Soccer Ethiopia stated that he has not yet signed a contract with the club for there are certain things remaining to come in to agreements. “The biggest part of the contract is done and finishing the remaining twenty percents, then I will have detail statements about my future with the club as well the football” Kassaye told reporters.
According to Kassaye Ethiopia Coffee supporters are as passionate and diehard as when the time he was a player. But supporters’ number has grown up to ten folds therefore the responsibility of making the club’s dream come true is much heavier. “Though I was not seriously following the club’s football for the past sixteen years while I was living in America, I still believe “The Brown Shirts” are very much in love with entertaining football therefore I am expected to build such a team” Kassaye remarked. “We all need to sit and discuss the problem in great detail so that we could come up with some solution to Ethiopian Football”. Ethiopia Coffee Golden Boy added.

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