Huge transfer spending for Sehul, Dedebit


The mid season transfer window was meant to be about strengthening one’s squad to be better equipped for the second round. Signing two or three players is what is common in world football. But when it comes to bottom of the table Sehul Shere and Dedebit it is just like a pre season building a side from a scratch.
Just six months in to their debut season at the Premier League; bottom of the table Sehul-Shere was the busiest side in the league, as they signed new players. Records show that in addition to appointing a Coach, Sehul, transferred nine players including three foreigners. Struggling to survive yet starting the decisive second round from the scratch is a bizarre situation for a team determined to live on. Samson who was in semi retirement needs some time to adjust and know each of the players before rolling to team building. The rebuild and actual games are coming together therefore saving Sehul is likely to be very difficult. Of course considering the short duration so far in the transfer window the new Coach seems to have no say in the transfer of the foreign players. Can Samson harness these foreign professionals signed before his arrival? Samson’s debut away match against Wolayta Dicha ended in a draw and that seems a good omen.
Dedebit’s campaign took everyone by surprise for the club suddenly appeared to get a windfal therefore hugely participating in the transfer market. No more talk about financial constraint thus it all started by appointing Coach Daniel Tsehaye the Coach responsible for Sehul’s poor result. Though Daniel is unlikely to be part of the transfer of the three foreign players, he took in to his wings seven local players including veteran mid fielder Mulualem Regasa. Critics raise the question whether the transfer is about the good money behind or the club’s survival. A striker from Ghana, a mid fielder from Equatorial Guinea and a Nigerian defender, survival appears a must not an option to Dedebit.