Low standards to coach EPL clubs


Coaches who have bad reputation or poor records appear to have a far better chance of employment with Ethiopian Premier League clubs, than new ones. Zemariam W/Giorgis, Ashenafi Bekele, Samson Ayele and Zelalem Shiferaw are among others that appear to have the miraculous password for every team, while new comers hardly get the chance. The trick is to join the exclusive party of coaches and once you are there it is routine to re-circulate yourself around teams every season.
Zemariam W/Giorgis sent Woldya to relegation and was handed a one year suspension from the EFF but bounced back in no time as coach of champions Jimma AbaJifar replacing Gebremedin Haile. Signing a relegated boss to lead champions must be for the first time in world football and the consequence of such a deed is what AbaJifar is today. They are 9th in the league table and complaints of mal administration are piling up.
Booted out of the national hot seat following a horrible defeat at the hands of Ghana, Ashenafi took over at Ethio-Electric only to lead them down the drain to the lower division. Here he pops up once again after eight months of home rest. This time he has been handed a larger undertaking of saving Dicha from relegation. How he got the chance despite his bad record is hard to understand unless you are a club official.
Samson Ayele was called from semi retirement to bestow a huge challenge. In perhaps the hardest of his career, he is trying to lead bottom of the table Sehul-Shere to safety. With one win, eight draws and six defeats. Sehul is camping 15th in the table with 11 points. Here comes the surgeon from home to fix that misery. Sending Sehul to hell, Daniel Tsehaye took over his former team, bottom of the table Dedebit for a second spell. Though Daniel was the coach who steered Sehul to promotion last season, his current record makes him an unlikely candidate for the big task of helping Dedebit to survive at the end of the season.
Is there any set of standard how and why bosses are appointed at clubs? Hello EFF…..the hot line is calling…any one there?