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Miracle performer Alazar; popular choice at Debub Police

Fair Play award winner Gebrekristos Birara’s appointment in replacement of miracle performer with Premier League debutant Debub Police care taker Coach Alazar Melese left supporters in disappointment.
A single win and two draws in the past thirteen matches, Debub Police and Zelalem Shiferaw parted ways in mutual agreement therefore Alazar appointed stop-gap Coach until the end of the first round. But two wins out of two and Debub Police a step up the ladder to 14th in the table with 11 points, many got convinced that young Alazar to stay longer.
But to supporters’ surprise Dilla sacked Coach Gebrekristos Birara’s appointment at relegation struggler Debub Police calleda for disappointment from club supporters. Care taker Coach Alazar made a miracle winning two tricky matches a shocking 2-1 away win over Ethiopia Bunna and devastating defending champions AbaJifar to 6-1 score line. That is more than the total points in their 13 matches therefore supporters disappointment appeared to be sound for Gebrekristos’s recent record shows that he got sacked for poor results with Dilla while Alazar is an overnight hero slaying two giants.
With all variables stayed constant and the credit of success all goes to Alazar, supporters are in demand of long term contract to him. Gebrekristos’ huge credit of a real sportsmanship gesture of fair play that is saying no to a goal mistakenly given by the referee in favor of his side is something huge to appreciate. But handing the hot seat just for the sake of Fair Play appears to be illogical and likely to back fire soon if things in particular managing the players go wrong to Gebrekristos.

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