Mulualem Regassa shows passion for football


At 38 years of age former Ethiopian national team, Saint George, Sebeta and Ethiopian Insurance midfielder Mulualem Regasa’s current performance at the country’s biggest football stage: Ethiopian Premier League, deserves more than casual applause and appreciation. Mulualem should be praised as a real legend of football. Not only has he played for the national team and the successful Saint George, he is a living example of self-discipline and perseverance.
Currently among the most important players to grace Hawassa, Mulualem is a leader on the team. He is the most experienced player and inspires the team by example.
Famous for his perfect long passes, game reading, vision and regulating the games tempo, Mulualem is a rarity in Ethiopian football and a big asset to Hawassa, thanks to the visionary head coach Wubetu Abate who took a huge risk by signing from the Super League and two seasons ‘grazing on green land’.
With over 14 years and four Premier League titles at Saint George, and nearly a dozen years for the Ethiopian National team at all levels, the play maker was considered an old gun when he first left the Premier League. However, he has re-invented himself after a stint with Sebeta in the more aggressive and physical Super League. He helped Sebeta to the upper tier and then joined his mentor Asrat Haile at relegated Ethiopia Insurance in its quest to promotion. However that season with Insurance frustrated he retired for two years until he reversed course and joined Hawassa.
After two months he was as fit as someone could be at that age. For Hawassa he has become a central playmaker, marshaling the midfield and scoring game winning goals. Mulualem’s two winning goals over Diredawa and AbaJifar helped Hawassa rise to 8th place with 25 points. Mulualem is a living example for upcoming footballers that football is not about counting years but passion and discipline.