Neged Bank ends up on top of Women’s League first round


With a first round closing away match victory over strong side Hawasa, tile favorites Ethiopia NegedBank finished on top of the Women’s League table. Dire Dawa and their one woman strike force Ayda Usman leads the top scorers’ chart.
With two time defending champions Dedebit FC dispersed and a number of quality talents including play maker Birtukan G/Kristos joining the squad, former champions Neged Bank are leading two points clear of second place Adama. With nine wins and two draws Neged Bank collected 29 points and 13 goals to take control of the driver’s seat.
Senaf Wakuma spearheaded Adama currently the second best team. They are following the leaders from close range. After eight wins and three draws Adama stands taller than the rest boasting 27 points and has managed an average two goals per game. They have scored 22 goals in total.
Crushing Trunesh Dibaba Academy 4-1, Mekelakya’s title contention is hugely alive for it is third in the table in goal differences. Gedeo-Dilla stands fourth with 22 points while Hawassa is sixth, far behind with 16 points.
Thanks to lone striker Ayda Usman, Dire Dawa is sitting mid table with 14 points from four wins and two draws. Of the fifteen goals Dire Dawa scored; eleven are Ayda’s handcrafts. However, their weak defense conceded 15 goals.
Senaf leads the top scorers’ chart with eleven goals followed by Adama’s Senaf Wakuma with nine goals in her name. Hawassa’s duo Nesanet Mena and Merkat Feleke are third and fourth each with six and five goals respectively. After two wins and nine defeats Ethio-Electric and Trunesh Dibaba Academy are in relegation zone each with six and five points respectively.