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Premier League pre-season will kick off blindly

As it is customary recently, Ethiopian Premier League sides will soon to convene their pre-season preparation without the knowledge of the exact date of the new season kick-off. Dedebit FC submitted a letter to the Federation inquiring when the season opens. “We need to know the exact time the season fixture starts so that we plan out pre-season,” states the letter from Dedebit dated 27th August 2018.
EFF officials mainly the Organization Committee Head Colonel Awol Abdurakim should have the knowledge that unless an official date for the new season’s kickoff is known the clubs can’t plan their preseason preparation. A preseason preparation takes between five to six weeks and the fixtures then kick-off immediately. But EFF big guys appear to be oblivious about it including Technical Committee Chair Person Sewnet Bishaw who prefers silence to giving advice to those concerned.
Champions AbaJifar, runner-up Saint George, third and fourth place Ethiopia Bunna and Mekele are among the few that kicked-off their preseason as of mid-August. With the Super League just ended last Sunday the three new comers are to join the preseason party without rest and sure to be without steam to stand strong in the new season at the top tier. Add to that their lack of experience and second fiddlers in the squad; a nightmare of relegation is all the time to stick to their mind all through the season. “Here comes the problem when EFF is led by nonprofessionals and individuals without the hint of the sport,” former coach Yasin Belay suggested.
Dedebit’s letter requires an immediate response from the Ethiopian Football Federation otherwise the same story about spending lots of money on the preseason without a plan will occur. Last year the season kicked-off in the first week of October six weeks after the teams returned to base. Sewnet Bishaw needs to come forward and advise the Organization Committee.

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