Prodigal Woldya relegated; its future bleak!


With three games left to go in the 2018 Ethiopian Premier League season Woldya has already been relegated to the lower division. Speculation is that despite having the best stadium in the country Woldya’s existence might not be different than Dashen Birra which disbanded two years ago following its relegation to the Super League.
What is amazing about Woldya is not its fate to relegation but the amount of money that went into building the team.  The head Coach Zemariam W/Giorgis who helped the side to promotion and the major player in the transfer market is blamed for triggering the current chaos by signing big name veteran players. Amongst them are Tesfaye  Albachew, Menyaehel Teshome and Fitsum G/Mariam which each cost a half million birr per season but didn’t play to expectations.
Then when things started to look ugly, Zemariam ran away to safety in the name of a one year suspension accused of provoking the players into mistreating the referee. Some believe Zemariam did that to get away from the future blame like he did with Fasil by travelling to South Africa for medical treatment.
Nevertheless Woldya is currently 20th in the table with just twenty points from 27 matches and not only is relegated to the lower division but also boasts a shocking record. They have four wins, eight draws and 15 defeats and have given up 38 goals while scoring only 14.
According to Coach Zelalem Shiferaw also a run-away coach from Diredawa who smelled danger yet took over Woldya since the 23rd fixture there are at least five major problems that sent Woldya to relegation. Of the five problems mentioned by Zelalem, lack of quality squad members, most signees coming from relegated teams and failure to stand as a team are major ones that triggered Woldya’s down fall.