Referees’ Association passed firm resolution


Ethiopian Football Referees and Match Officials Association passed a firm resolution that calls for a suspension of all league matches for the coming three weeks. The Association submitted an eight point enquiry to be fulfilled by the federation before resuming their duty. Insurance coverage, air plane transport and proper security protection on match venues are the notable once from their list of inquiries.
Following the attack on referee Eyasu Fente on Sunday’s Mekelakya versus visitors Welwalo-Adigrat in Addis Ababa, the association called an immediate General Assembly meeting that passed the toughest ever resolution that rocked the football family especially the Clubs and bottlenecked  Ethiopian Football Federation. “We demand an immediate response for our resolution before officiating any league plays” the Association firmly stated.
The incident occurred when referee Eyasu awarded a controversial goal to home side Mekelakya. Then visitors’ players automatically started to chase him to the touch line where Welwalo team leader Maru G/Tsadik “who has since been fired” hosted him with a punch that knocked him down. Though this is not the first, rather a frequent phenomenon since the recent time Ethiopian Football chaos (the latest with assistant Referee Mustefa Meki’s serious attack in Woldya versus Fasil match where the official ended in a hospital), things currently appeared too much to handle thus the Association submitted such strong resolution.
After EFF called an emergency meeting with Premier League sides on Thursday, all the clubs suggested the League to resume as the winter season is closing. Referees and Match Officials Association stood ground thus EFF to have a meeting with them today.
Ethiopia Bunna’s Board Chairman Lieutenant Fekade Mamo’s suggestion at the meeting on Thursday of looking for referees from neighboring countries like Djibouti, Kenya or Sudan, which took many by mocking surprise. “If we have that financial muscle why not we treat our own referees the proper way?” asked one participant. It is 1,000 Birr that is less than 35 Dollars a referee earns for a match.