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Relegation battler Sehul-Shere appoints Samson Ayele

Former Harar Birra, Dashen Birra and Baherdar Coach Samson Ayele returned to the hot seat after long break this time taking a huge task of rescuing new comers Sehul-Shere from relegation.
Three defeats in a row and closing to bottom of the table new comers Sehuil Shere kicked Daniel Tsehaye from the back to bring in Samson from a relatively long break. A single win, a record eight draws and six defeats to sit 15th in the table with 11 points from 15 matches, one of Tigray region’s four representatives at the Premier League Sehul brought in much experienced Samson to help the side. The second round kicks-off in three weeks. Samson is lucky enough to have a breathing space in order to reorganize the team. A weak strike force and defense line, Samson faces a huge task but it will be rewarding if he can manage the team to safety.
The former Welwalo-Adigrat versatile player Asari Almeha, the first to join the club for the second round, Samson is expected to have the right to sign number of players for his survival campaign. Although saving Sehul appears a high hill to mount, luck is with Samson for many of the second round encounters against the big teams are in front of home supporters. Saint George, Fasil, Baherdar, Hawassa and Ethiopia Bunna are all to face Samson on its own turf.

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